Time Machine

2000 - 2009

Click and drag on the center button in the image to see the transformation.

BEFORE - A simple back yard.
AFTER - An enviable pond, garden and patio.

BEFORE: Behind the garage.
AFTER:   Pool house chic.

BEFORE: Side lawn and woodlands.
AFTER: A Fabulous nestled pool and landscape.

BEFORE: The garden in early June. 
AFTER: The same garden in mid July with different flowers. 
The colors change all season through a sequence of bloom.

BEFORE: A shapeless straight lined driveway with no parking.
AFTER: Room to park with beauty and grace.

BEFORE - The old pool lacked its own identity, it just sat out on the back lawn.  
AFTER - The new pool and patio have a strong identity and yet are harmonizing with the surrounding landscape.

BEFORE - The back lawn.
AFTER - A poolside escape!

BEFORE - Access from the deck above to the pool (behind you in the picture) was circuitous. 
AFTER - Adapting and adding to the existing structures, access became more direct and more attractive.

BEFORE - Haphazard plantings on the way to the utility area.
AFTER - The stroll garden beyond the pool.

BEFORE - Back lawn.
AFTER - Great pool and spa with perfect orientation to house and sunshine!

BEFORE - A back lawn.
AFTER - An Oassis!

BEFORE - A slope of lawn behind the garage.
AFTER - A private swimming paradise!

BEFORE - An initial planting went in between the boulders. Step stones lead on a short cut to the house. 
AFTER - Plants grow in and the front slope becomes a showpiece. The walk to the house becomes a garden experience.

BEFORE - The lawn slopes up to the house.
AFTER - The change of level nestles the pool into the hillside.

BEFORE - Woodland blahs...
AFTER - Swimming heaven.

BEFORE - Not much appeal.  The orange paint indicated the future driveway.  
AFTER - A fully updated layout and finish!