Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is so much more than the cursory lawn mowing, quick trimming and blowing of debris. Knowing what to do when is vital and knowing what can be prudently done is key. Awareness of the best way to do something in different situations is critical when balancing results and costs.


A well-kept property adds considerably to the value of your home and a landscape maintenance program protects the value of your investment.

In addition to spring and fall cleanups and routine weekly lawn cuts we customize programs for each property we maintain, offering different timetables for additional scheduled maintenance and plant healthcare.

Pride of Appearance

Routine visits to your property allow us to be prideful guardians of our creations.

“Fine Gardening” services for more intricate landscapes with seasonal and perennial gardens are also available. Where more commercial methods won’t suffice we offer additional services such as staking, specialty pruning, deadheading spent flowers, thinning or dividing perennials, hand weeding, water garden maintenance and container services.


As we become familiar with both a customer’s and their garden’s needs, we further tailor our approach to an exact fit.