The Right Stone Can Greatly Affect the Feel of A Landscape.

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At Exteriors, we know that the right stones can make or break a project. We even have our own private collection for shape and patina. It’s mostly choice of stone and partly building method that determines the look of a stonewall. Stones with similar fracture lines, set into a slope, mimic a natural rock outcropping. A pathway of carefully chosen stepping stones imparts a serene axial element to a woodland garden.

Such subtle details, often consciously unnoticed, greatly affect the feel of a landscape. Sometimes we get lucky, and all the right stone can be found on site. When this is not the case, through relationships with local (and not so local) quarries and landowners, and by collecting stones found in the field, Exteriors can avail itself of these precious items. Once located, the stone can be transported to the job site — carefully so as not to bruise the patina.