As one of Connecticut’s premier landscape design companies, many of the staff members at Exteriors have been with the firm for over a decade — some for two decades.  This structure nurtures a greater level of communication, and like all families, we go through our moments.  However, our staff is loyal and look back on the organization as more than a place to work.

Geoffrey E Schur

Born in Weston and educated in England, he attended the King’s School Canterbury. During the summers he lived in Kent, the “garden of England”. And at an early age took an active interest in gardening and developed an eye for the many aspects of landscape design. He began his college education in Wales, transferring to the University of Connecticut where he completed his degree in Environmental Horticulture and Landscape Design. He has been designing landscapes in Fairfield County for over 30 years.

Rene Argueta

Originally from El Salvador with education and experience in electrical manufacturing systems, Rene moved to Connecticut in 1987 and began his landscape career as a landscape laborer at Exteriors. Through twenty years of experience, a natural ability to lead and a zeal for learning he has inspired excellence and instilled a sense of pride among out crews and educated our foremen to each become proficient in their methodology and practical horticultural methods. With a keen eye and an awareness of fineness of detail he is greatly responsible for the high standards ever present at Exteriors.

Kerry Jones

Kerry has plant tissues in his blood. A true garden guru he has extensive knowledge of plant species and varieties including their culture and care. Aware not only of pest and disease issues he also knows the cure for what ails them. After years in the field working for growers, retailers and wholesalers he settled down at exteriors in 1992, managing the plant nursery and horticultural aspects of the business. With an unparalleled love for plants he diligently searches out the finest quality plants both locally and nationwide. He has helped grow the plant collections and ensured their health and welfare both in the nursery and at client’s residences. Directing plant care programs as well as overseeing the setup and implementation of many projects makes him an invaluable and integral part of out operations. Full of wit and whimsy he is quick to offer alternate suggestions for garden solutions.




















Nancy Schur

Peter Lachowitz

Pete has always had the innate sense of how to get a job done efficiently and has polished his operational skills to an uncanny level. He has been working with Exteriors for over thirty years now and can see a plan through to its fruition with his artistic side showing through. Pete’s competency in machine operation allows him to pay attention to unspoken details, like lining up fracture lines in stones to give a more natural feel to the project. His patience and skill ensures perfection in rock placement and care in delicate situations like pond building, or working close to sensitive areas. The ability to visualize every detail from rock placement to optimal grades, along with his understanding of drainage combine to ensure that not only will everything look just right but it will also function well. His level of knowledge and professionalism in the excavation field along with a septic installer’s license and wetlands experience combine to enable him to interface with town officials giving them confidence that he will uphold code requirements, thus moving the job forward.