Time Machine

2010 - Present

Click and drag on the center button in the image to see the transformation.

BEFORE - Limited parking in front of garage with no view of front doors.
AFTER - Welcoming parking court, inviting entry and fabulous colorful landscape.

BEFORE - A chaotic circuitous walkway through jumbled plantings that obscure the entrance. 
AFTER - Tidy maintainable landscape. Inviting crisp walk and porch to the front door.

BEFORE - Sloping back lawn and side foundation.
AFTER - Swimming drama nestled into the hillside.

BEFORE - The deck was visually confining and cut off access to the side yard.  
AFTER - Wide open patios with sitting walls defining separate conversation and dining areas. New steps lead to a new set of french doors.

BEFORE -  The steep slope started close to the house.
AFTER - Landscape, pool house, fence and stone work create a perfect spot for this dramatic pool.

BEFORE - The client wanted access to the upper lawn area.   
AFTER - The existing big boulder was a perfect anchor for the steps.

BEFORE - Backyard.  
AFTER - Backyard living.

BEFORE - The lawn sloped uphill from the driveway.  
AFTER - Natural stone stairs lead through the garden to the pergola.

BEFORE - An unappealing mulched landscape island. 
AFTER - A stream wends its way through lush plantings to a small pond.

BEFORE - The side yard below the deck falls off sharply.  
AFTER - A boulder retaining wall built on the slope makes level space for a patio and fireplace.

BEFORE - Water cools the landscape the first Summer following installation.  
AFTER - Spring, about four years later. The stones weather and plants grow in to soften the look.

BEFORE - The lawn beyond the garage 
AFTER - Mudroom entrance, pool fencing and stone work. 

BEFORE - The pool is completed in July.   
AFTER - Two Summers later the landscape fills in and the stonework weathers to take on color.

BEFORE - Walls and steps were built by machine. Lawn was installed and a few plants were transplanted from other areas of the property.  
AFTER - Additional planting is done on the upper level. Ferns and perennials grow in for a lush look.